Attractions in Belfast

The Belfast Murals
Nearly 2,000 colorful murals throughout the Belfast area created over the last four decades illustrate the region's political divisions between loyalists or unionists and republicans or nationalists. Most are found in the area of the Falls Road and Shankill Road. Several different types of guided tours of the murals are available.

Grand Opera House
The oldest theater in Belfast was built in 1895 and extensively renovated in 2006. It is considered by many to be the best example of Georgian theater architecture in the United Kingdom. Today the Grand Opera House, which includes a restaurant and café, runs a regular program of plays, operas, musicals, concerts and more.

Titanic Pump and Dock House
The voyage of the Titanic and its tragic fate has fascinated people for a century now, and visitors to the Titanic Pump and Dock House can see where the ship was built. The center includes a tour with an audio-visual display and old film footage of the ship in dry dock.

Botanic Gardens
The 28 acres comprising Belfast's Botanic Gardens include the Palm House, which has a number of tropical plants, and the Tropical Ravine, which houses many orchids and examples of some of the oldest surviving seed plants. Both structures were built in the 19th century. The gardens are popular with locals and visitors alike.

Ulster Museum
Located in Belfast's Botanic Gardens, the Ulster Museum features an enormous variety of exhibits including art, local history, botany, archeology and more. The museum may be of particular interest to enthusiasts of Ireland's natural history with an extensive collection of flora and fauna from throughout the country as well as books on the topic.

St. George's Market
The market is not just the largest in Northern Ireland but the last of the Victorian covered markets that were once common throughout the area. In addition to selling food, books, clothing, antiques and other items, the market occasionally hosts musical performances, including such popular acts as Duffy and Mark Ronson.

Belfast City Hall
Open to the public, Belfast City Hall was built in the Baroque Revival style and is an excellent example of early 20th century architecture. Its grounds are home to a number of important memorials, including a Titanic Memorial, a Korean War memorial and a memorial to Queen Victoria.