Belfast Shopping

One of the most popular cosmetic companies in the world now has a store in Belfast. Inglot is a store that allows you to create your own palettes and combinations. This customizable shop is known for high-quality pigments at an affordable price. This location is brand new in Belfast, and it is already a favorite.

Forestside Shopping Centre
This shopping center has tons of stores to suit your shopping needs. Clarks is the largest shoe retailer in the UK, and it is located within Forestside. There is also Dorothy Perkins, Evans, H Samuel, Monsoon and other popular UK brands. International visitors will love the unique options that stand out.

This exciting shop is filled with unique accessories, gifts, toys, treats and home goods. Avoca is one of the most popular shops in Belfast for a good reason. They cater to a wide range of interests, and they always have great prices for travelers and locals. You are sure to find something cute or kitsch while shopping here.

Boutique Souk
If you like to shop with a conscious, then this boutique is sure to please. They sell up-cycled, recycled and eco-friendly goods for all ages. Boutique Souk tends to stock a lot of variety in the store. You can find vintage furniture or a completely unique dress. It's always a surprise with this boutique.

Comber Creatives
If you want to support the local economy then stop by Comber Creatives. This shop sells handmade goods from small businesses in the Belfast area. You can find everything here, and you may even get to chat with one of the business owners yourself.

Fashion Pharmacy
Girls looking for a complete European makeover can head to Fashion Pharmacy. They offer custom personal-shopper services to help you find the perfect look. They usually have the best in trendy clothes on hand for you to buy immediately.

Fresh Garbage
Even though the name sounds gross, Fresh Garbage sells street wear for all personalities. Dance clothes, ethnic wear and unique accessories can be found here. If you have a love of street fashion or the music scene, then this is a must-see store.

Victoria Square
This shopping center is four levels in total, and it is filled with tons of the most popular shops in the UK. Victoria Square is a favorite amongst tourists and locals, and it will never disappoint when you shop here.