Special Events in Belfast

Belfast's Miniart Exchange showcases Ireland's local artists. Belfast's Miniart Exchange is an annual event that takes place inside the Belfast Waterfront Conference Centre. It showcases Ireland's local artists that produce sculptures, paintings and crafts.

Some of the most popular attractions at the Miniart Exchange include art exhibitions, markets and artist demonstrations. Be sure to visit the International Exhibition Hall to learn how Ireland's immigrants contribute to Belfast's art scene.

The Belfast Film Festival celebrates Ireland's cinematic contributions. The Belfast Film Festival takes place each year around beautiful venues including St. Anne's Cathedral and the Lagan River. It showcases Northern Ireland's finest movies that have sparked debates about Northern Ireland's cultural, social and religious institutions. It also showcases some of the best novice movie producers who show great potential as artists. Be sure to watch screenings of classic films to mingle with locals who enjoy talking about Belfast's cinematic history.

The Belfast Black Market is one of the U.K.'s largest arts and crafts fairs. The Belfast Black Market takes place inside The Black Box Theater. It is a lively fair that celebrates the work of freelance artists, designers, illustrators and artisans. It includes a flea market where artists and antique dealers get together to sell fine art, vintage clothing and antiques. It also includes food stalls that offer a terrific selection of savory and sweet treats. Be sure to visit The Belfast Black Market often to learn how to create your own books, clothing and furniture.

The Belfast Culture Night celebrates Belfast's love of music and literature. Belfast's Culture Night is an annual tradition that takes place in the Cathedral Quarter. It features live poetry readings, live circus performances, vintage music concerts and live pantomime performances. It also showcases some of Belfast's famous dancers who present traditional Celtic dances in a lively atmosphere that is too much fun to miss. Be sure to attend some of the vintage music concerts to learn about skiffle and other vintage music genres that have influenced musicians since the 1930s.

Finally, be sure to attend The Belfast Taste and Music Fest to eat great food. The Belfast Taste and Music Fest is celebrated inside Belfast's Botanic Gardens near Queen's University. It features over 250 chefs from around the U.K. that offer patrons delicious cuisines from around the world. It also features live music concerts that offer foodies an extra reason to attend the festival.

Be sure to visit the food stands that are featured during the festival to sample some of Belfast's best appetizers, entrees, pastries and desserts. You might just pick up some ideas that can help you create delicious masterpieces of your own!