Getting Around Belfast

Belfast offers two airport options to travelers. The first is Belfast International Airport, which is a major airport located about fifteen minutes outside of the city center. The airport is served by four different airlines, Aer Lingus, Easy Jet, Jet2, and United Airlines, which provide direct flights to all major cities located in the UK as well as several major cities located in Europe and the United States. The airport handles over 57,000 flights each year which carry over 4.1 million passengers.

Those that are coming from closer distances could fly through George Best Belfast City Airport, which is conveniently located to Belfast. The airport largely handles flights throughout the UK. On an annual basis around 40,000 flights and two million passengers come through the airport.

Another transportation option for getting into the Belfast area is to use the NI Railways train system. The rail system has a total of 42 different trains that run on multiple different train lines. There are a total of 54 different train stations located across the UK. People that are coming from Dublin or other major cities in Ireland will frequently use the train system because of its convenience and accessibility. Travelers coming from Dublin can normally be in Belfast within just a few hours.

Once travelers have arrived in Belfast, they will be able to get around using the fairly expansive public transportation system. The Metro bus service offers the most convenient and expansive bus system in the city. There are a total of 12 different bus lines, which run throughout the city and some of the surrounding areas. Thousands of passengers use these buses on a daily basis for commuting purposes.

Another public transportation option in Belfast is the Ulterbus. The Ulterbus was opened in the mid-2000s to provide greater public transportation access to people across the city. There are a total of 13 different bus corridors that are operated by the bus service. Within each corridor there are several different routes, which run on a variety of different schedules. These buses typically will provide access to people in Belfast as well as some of the surrounding communities. Overall, there is a total fleet of 1,100 buses and millions of people use the bus system on a weekly basis for commuting purposes.